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    • Fluctuations in the Economic Storm

      4 August, 2020

      Domini Baldwin, Associate Director. Those of us who work in the construction industry will have seen the recent uncertainty in market conditions due to the June 2016 EU referendum and the Covid-19 pandemic. Construction industry output in the UK has ...


    • Construction: COVID-19 and de-risking a “second wave”

      14 July, 2020

      Join us at our webinar this Thursday 16th July at 10am. Our expert panel will be discussing moving forward in the current situation and the implications of a potential second wave of COVID-19 on the industry and construction contracts. ...


    • Training in this Brave New World

      3 June, 2020

      Danny Frost, Managing Director. As it does not look like we will return to our offices anytime soon, and with the announcement that the furlough scheme has been extended until October 2020, we need to consider what impact six months ...

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