Base Announce New Internal Diploma

At Base, our greatest asset is people. We believe that by investing in training and development and by helping our staff to reach their full potential, the opportunities to increase the depth and range of what we can offer as a business are endless. However, it requires a firm foundation.

The work that we undertake is incredibly varied and our team comes from a diverse variety of backgrounds, experiences and expertise. We believe that by equipping everybody with the skills and competence to deal with every service that we offer, we will be able to provide the consistently high-quality service that our clients should expect.

We are therefore delighted to announce the Base Quantum Internal Diploma. This course aims to equip everybody in our technical team with a full working knowledge of all the services that we provide. This reflects our commitment to training and development opportunities for all.

The Diploma is administered by our Senior Leadership Team and consists of 30 modules, covering subjects such as procurement and standard building contracts, cost planning, cost value reconciliations, insolvency, termination and claims, the skills required to work in the expert witness industry and the business and management skills involved in running a quantity surveying and expert witness practice.

The Diploma consists of presentations (presently delivered via Zoom in the current circumstances), workshops, coursework and worked exercises, one-to-one training, group and buddy programmes and mentorship.

Each presentation is recorded and the materials will be saved to allow our team flexible access in recognition of their need to adapt to the work alongside the various projects currently underway.

The first presentation took place last week, and was hosted by our Associate Director, Laura Hannan, who said the following:

The first subject that we have tackled is cost planning. This part of the syllabus started with a teaching session, which is a great way for the senior members of the team to impart our passion for aspects of the industry onto our junior team.

We continued with a workshop where we shared, as a team, our experiences on the projects that we are working on. This was a fantastic way of widening the visibility of our projects, which is a real challenge at the moment. We examined the ways our teams have been putting their cost planning expertise into practice across a variety of different schemes with varying construction methods, specialist installations, bespoke materials and complex access constraints. This allowed us to share experiences and to discuss things that we can use to support our clients.

We also have a worked example for everybody to undertake, and we encourage people to work in groups and to participate in group calls to reinforce the learning.

Laura Hannan, Associate Director at Base Quantum

Chief Executive Officer Duncan Hughes-Phillips said:

We have always recognised how important it is to provide our clients with a consistent level of service. This Diploma will hopefully help our entire team to develop a deeper level of knowledge and an understanding of everything we do, which will be a really fantastic foundation for both us and them in the years to come.

But we also recognise the emotional and mental challenges that come along with the lockdown. This Diploma gives the team something really positive to focus on together; it reinforces how important every member of the team is to Base and to each other and provides us all with something cohesive and valuable to be part of and contribute towards in these times when it is so easy to feel negative, insular and alone.

I am really proud of the team and how the entire business has embraced the idea and the way that we are striving to make the best of the situation that we all find ourselves in.

Duncan Hughes-Phillips – CEO at Base Quantum