Base Invest in CostX – a technology investment for our team and our clients.

Base Invest in CostX

Whilst it is safe to say that quantity surveying isn’t exactly the standout profession when it comes to technological solutions and development, thankfully we are seeing change. We are almost beyond the days of dimension paper, scale rules and estimating sheets. Today, we are seeing new technologies and methods of working being implemented all the time. At Base we are always looking to embrace such advancements and there is a healthy appetite within our team to recognise and develop with the evolution of our role in the industry. Just last year, our most recently Chartered QS Amy Wakerley wrote an article titled: ‘What does the future hold for Quantity Surveyors?’ The main outcomes were clear: the role of the QS has significantly evolved and appears set to continue, so we at Base intend not to stand still.

With measurement and cost planning remaining primary functions of the QS role, we decided we could benefit from enhancing our delivery of these services. Last year, after much time spent trialing options and engaging in testing of measurement software solutions, we decided on CostX as our preferred technology. At a similar time, we also read in the RICS publication of Modus that CostX was considered a key player in measurement technology, which reinforced our decision and left us excited to start 2020 with this new advancement.

Our team were thrilled to hear that CostX would to be replacing our previous tools and many were already familiar with the technology as a result of its increasing prevalence on quantity surveying university courses. Since January 2020 we have invested in a remote delivery platform, implemented 12 licenses, trained 26 members of our team and set up a forum on our intranet to share experiences, tricks and tips – and this is just our internal accomplishments. Externally we have used CostX for all cost planning of new projects, prepared cost plans at various RIBA stages, shared measurement reports with our clients, enabled them to use the CostX viewer to see the completed work, presented our 3D measurements in virtual meetings and used it to measure 3D/BIM models.

All of our measurement is now located on a central platform, available as live documents for all team members any time of the day. This has allowed for seamless communication among the team, has reduced measurement in certain circumstances by up to 40% and allowed us to be able to adapt quickly and prevent duplications following new design revisions. The evolution of CostX is set to continue and has already seen advancements since we began using it. We are committed to continually developing our skills to allow us to grow with the software and ensure that we are able to fully utillise the potential it offers to our team and clients. Our commitment has already proved successful and we are excited to evolve and explore other ways to remain at the forefront of change in the industry.

Laura Hannan