Congratulations Anthony Knight and Joe Rose!

Newly Chartered

Since early 2019, Base have been providing specific APC training and guidance to the aspiring chartered surveyors on Telford Homes’ commercial team. As part of this guidance, we have been delivering the roles of APC Counsellor and Supervisor, along with tailored CPD sessions and mock interviews to prepare their candidates to take the APC.

It is a privilege to play such a significant role in the Chartership process of dedicated individuals, and we are delighted to see our support and the commitment of the Telford Homes team culminate in these exciting results.

See what Anthony and Joe had to say about our guidance below:

I am elated to have passed my APC and become a professional member of the RICS – it truly is an honour and one that I have really worked for. Having the assistance of Base Quantum was great; they guided me through the process, challenged me to the nth degree and provided advice on the skills required to be a chartered surveyor. This led to me submitting a comprehensive final submission that I was proud of and being composed and ready to tackle the variety of questions thrown at me in my final interview. Going through this process with Base Quantum meant I was fully prepared and confident in my abilities.

I am very thankful and grateful to Base for the guidance, mentorship and challenges set for me and my team at Telford Homes over the past year. I also look forward to promoting the profession and Base’s programme and encouraging others at Telford Homes to do the same.’


Anthony Knight – Senior Quantity Surveyor at Telford Homes

Base provided invaluable support and guidance throughout my entire APC journey and often went above and beyond their scope to ensure I achieved success. There was a very thorough process in place to ensure my competencies were signed off in a timely manner and the format of the Q&A sessions were diverse, providing valuable experience and increasing my depth of knowledge to that required to pass the APC. The team provided valuable input into the development of my case study and summary of experience, ensuring my documents were professional and ready for the final assessment. They also provided advice on interview techniques to give me the best possible chance of passing.

I am extremely grateful for the help, advice and guidance that Base provided not only me, but the entire Telford APC cohort during the process. I look forward to working with Base to help other candidates at Telford achieve the same.


Joe Rose – Quantity Surveyor at Telford Homes

The team at Base are highly experienced in the training of APC candidates and we pride ourselves on being able to guide competent quantity surveyors confidently to RICS Chartership. If you do not have the resources to take your candidates through the APC process but would like to benefit from professionalising your team, please contact Emma Honeysett using the details below.

Emma Honeysett