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Dr Marcel Cohen is welcomed as one of our trusted advisors at Base

November 14, 2018 − by Charles Day − in Staff & Office Updates − No Comments

For 27 years, until his retirement in June 2017, Marcel was a leading figure in Imperial College’s prestigious business school, culminating in a role as Head of the College’s Distance Learning MBA programme.

Marcel has enjoyed a fascinating past, he has honed his entrepreneurial skills as a Sunday Market Stall trader and has crafted the strategy of some of the world’s leading blue chip brands.

Never afraid to swim against the tide, initially, Marcel was asked to challenge Base’s strategic vision, however, Marcel’s knowledge, experience and vision has proven so invaluable to us that he is a key advisor on many of aspects of what we do, including pricing, resourcing, assessing current and future potential, marketing and strategic planning.

Duncan Hughes-Phillips says,

Marcel brings an amazing amount of experience to our planning. It is amazingly helpful for a business like us to gain from Marcel’s knowledge and to learn lessons from the mistakes of some of the greatest blue chips, and most successful start ups in the history of business, many of whom have used Marcel’s sage advice. Marcel not only knows how companies approach seat pricing strategies, and why organisations decide to augment core products with something else, but he knows how to apply these principles to a business like Base and it is in this application that we really benefit from Marcel’s expertise.

For example, the ability to provide an analytical basis to pricing and resourcing decisions that have previously been purely instinctive is going to provide an amazing suite of tools for the future of our firm.

Most importantly, he is not afraid to push back and to give his opinion and he has recently challenged the wisdom of Base striving to be bigger; Marcel’s influence has given us the confidence to embrace the value of Base as a small business, and to strive to be better at what we do rather than bigger, and this focus on quality rather than size will help us to create a legacy that is a fitting testament to Marcel’s involvement in our firm.”

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