Our Kent Office Has Relocated

Our Kent Office Has Relocated interior pic 1

In the three years since Base opened a regional Tunbridge Wells office, the region has grown from strength to strength. Despite moving into bigger offices three times, the continuing growth of our team has led us to outgrow our Tunbridge Wells office. We are therefore pleased to announce that we have recently relocated to new premises which not only provide us with the opportunity to continue to grow, but will also provide us with additional space and flexibility to react to the changing demands of the industry.

Our new office, situated in Dowding House in the historic Pantiles area, is spread over two storeys and provides us with the room and flexibility to optimise our response to the changing demands and markets of the industry. The fit-out of this space is ongoing and we hope to move in next year.

Our CEO, Duncan Hughes-Phillips says:

The last year or so has seen the premature death knell and subsequent reincarnation of the office, and whilst we recognise that the way we interact with each other and the relationship between professionals and the office may well evolve over the next few years, we remain convinced that the opportunities to socialise together, work together, learn together and be together with our valued colleagues, work friends and clients will mean that offices, in some form, will remain a concept of the future.

Our commitment to a significantly larger office allows us to not only support our brilliant landlord in Tunbridge Wells but allows us to build a training facility, socialising space, wellbeing area and to develop a specialised, bespoke space to allow us to make good on our ambition to be a disseminator of valuable skills and knowledge throughout the construction industry.

Whilst our new office will provide Base, our clients and employees with new ways of interacting both remotely and in person, we hope that the space will provide a knowledge hub for the wider industry and the local community.

Our Kent Office Has Relocated interior pic 2