Georgie Neaves

Role: Quantity Surveyor
Office location: London
Joined the team: July 2017

Why Base?
From the outset it was clear that Base values investing in its staff, with emphasis placed on learning and development. It also has a great collaborative and open culture; everybody wants to help each other and work together to attack problems and find solutions. I have experienced this myself throughout my degree – although I knew that studying whilst working would be challenging, the support has been incredible. No matter how busy people are, they always find time for you, which I think really encapsulates the culture.

It has been motivating and inspiring to be surrounded by so many leaders in the industry and to benefit from their support and input. There is also the opportunity for a range of experience with a team who really take pride in what they do; since joining, I have worked on a variety of projects, from the construction of a weir and residential schemes to global dispute work.

What makes Base different?
What stood out to me was the overlap of services that Base offer; our quantity surveying and expert witness teams are not exclusive but collaborate to provide a significant competitive advantage. This helps our clients not only resolve disputes, but hopefully avoid them in the first place.

Additionally, although Base is growing rapidly (in the past 4 years, I have seen our offices and team members double), we maintain our strong culture and family-like feel, which I believe is rare.

What do you feel you bring to Base?
I consider myself to be a sociable, enthusiastic and personable quantity surveyor. I enjoy working as part of a team and have an engaged approach to learning – I like to ensure that I am constantly around people, putting my knowledge into action and learning from others. The great thing about Base is that it sees the younger members of the team as the future and encourages our engagement and interest in all areas of the company. I am enthusiastic and throw myself into all that is offered, from pursuing my apprenticeship and participating on live projects to hosting socials, assisting with work on the website and getting involved with marketing events.

What has your apprenticeship entailed?
I am currently in the final year of a four-year distance learning course in quantity surveying at UCEM Reading; this has involved working four days a week at Base whilst undertaking my degree. The inclusion of both practical and academic work has allowed me to grow in both confidence and experience in a way that an entirely academic course may not have done.

What made you pursue an apprenticeship?
Base offered me the opportunity to dive straight into a career. I have always been a more practical and, as some (probably rightly) say, ‘easily distracted’ individual. The thought of sitting down to study and read more textbooks for an additional four years was a daunting thought. However, the mix of academic and practical work provided me with enough variety to ease my concerns and I have been fortunate enough to have very supportive and encouraging colleagues.

Although we are growing rapidly (in the past 4 years, I have seen our offices and team members double), we maintain our strong culture and family-like feel

What has been your favourite project at Base so far and why?
In 2019, I began my first project in Maidenhead for a waterways scheme and was lucky enough to be involved from start to finish. As it was my first time using a NEC4 contract, it was initially challenging and much of the first few months consisted of familiarising myself with the processes and procedures. Initially, the project was very much in the hands of my manager with my assistance but as it progressed my confidence grew and responsibility was handed over to me, with my manager overseeing my actions. Although at times it felt overwhelming, I always had support. Furthermore, I built strong relationships with both the client and contractor which enabled a very successful delivery and built my confidence for future projects.

What are your career aspirations for the future?
Following the completion of my degree this summer, I am hoping to dive straight into my chartership. Base has a fantastic team, including a number of APC assessors, who provide a detailed training programme. Having been at the company for almost four years, I have observed the commitment and development of many colleagues undertaking their APC and the encouragement and support provided by the whole team. I’m looking forward to getting started myself.

What was your biggest non-career-based accomplishment?
Around 6 years ago, I embarked on a trip to Ghana in West Africa. I was part of a team that helped to refurbish a school in a small village. Although it was physically challenging at times, getting to know the children and embracing and learning about their culture was so rewarding.

Since moving to London, I have joined both netball and tennis teams. I have always loved sport, especially on a sunny day!

How would your family and friends describe you?
I’m often described as bubbly, charismatic and confident. I enjoy building relationships and speaking to everyone. I consider myself very approachable and supportive to all my family and friends.