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Quantity Surveying Services
Brighton Marina
Brighton, East Sussex

Brighton Marina

Brighton, East Sussex

Brighton Marina


All permanent and temporary works in connection with the stabilisation of caissons E26, E31, E32, E33, E34, E35, E36, E37, E38, E39, E40, E41 and E42 on the eastern breakwater of Brighton Marina by forming a concrete annulus within the existing caisson shell and re-filling with ballast material.

Our Services

The pre-contract services we provided included:

  • Preparation of tender quotes
  • Tender reconciliations
  • Contract terms and conditions negotiation, with the final drafting of order
  • Commercial risk assessments.

During the contract, our responsibilities included:

  • Procurement of all labour, plant, materials and subcontractors
  • Monthly budgeting reviews and assessing progress against tender
  • Measuring adverse weather events due to the unpredictable working environments
  • Subcontract payment and certification
  • Payment applications and valuations
  • Variation, claims and dispute management (where applicable)
  • Monthly cost and value reconciliations
  • Eventual assistance in determining the final account with the client and subcontractors.