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Learning from Our Mistakes – The Anti-Dispute Series.
Time for Change

03 June, 2019

Learning from Our Mistakes - The Anti-Dispute SeriesAt Base, a large proportion of our work comes from disputes of all shapes and sizes. So it might be a bit surprising that we are seeking to promote an “anti-dispute” movement.

However, we strongly believe that, for the good of us all, the construction industry needs to be a profitable and productive environment in which to operate. For the participants in the industry to be successful, there must be competitive returns on investment. Disputes waste time, hinder progress, cause stress and damage working relationships. Most of all, win or lose, they cost a lot of money. Disputes are inherently bad for the construction industry.

The Arcadis Global Construction Disputes Report states that the average cost of disputes in the UK has more than tripled since 2011. How can we disrupt this upwards trend?

Whilst the Arcadis reports are a good read, you don’t need to look much further than the sub-title to get an indication of the problems that beset the industry.

  • In 2017, the sub-title was “Avoiding the Same Pitfalls”.
  • In 2018, the sub-title was “Does the Construction Industry learn from its mistakes?”

Is the industry doing what it can to minimise the impact of disputes?

At Base, we are fortunate that our staff operate as Expert Witnesses at the sharp end of the resolution of disputes, but we also use our expertise to assist on live projects to identify, manage and mitigate the impact. Thus, we get to see disputes at various stages in all sorts of different points of construction.

We have decided to pool our expertise in the hope that we can promote sensible discussion on how to ensure that disputes do not derail the industry.

Over the course of the next few months, we have asked our staff to contribute to articles intended to provide opinion, advice and hopefully stimulate input from the readers. We hope that you will find the articles of interest. Please do get involved if you can!

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